Mapping cognition along the continuum of Alzheimer's Disease: towards novel assessments, affordable biomarkers, and technology-driven interventions

Activity: Talk or presentation typesInvited talk


Current approaches to battle Alzheimer's Disease (AD) focus on (1) detecting the disease earlier, (2) slowing decline or enhancing memory, and (3) retaining quality of life. Recent guidelines and consensuses draw our attention towards the preclinical stages where current assessments and interventions strategies are not yet meeting the needs. This workshop will discuss recent evidence highlighting the need of a paradigm shift in the early detection of memory impairments in people at risk of AD. Basic and clinical research that have led to the identification of structures within and outside the medial temporal lobe that are critical for low-level memory functions compromised in AD in the preclinical stages will be reviewed. Hypotheses on how such functions can be reliably assessed will be considered in the light of challenges faced by a globalised world (i.e., ageing, literacy and diversity). Second, current research will be discussed that is aimed at understanding how assessment of such cognitive functions can be combined with neuroscience methods aimed at gathering biological evidence to yield affordable cognitive biomarkers of AD. The impact that such biomarkers can have on the Global Dementia Challenge will be highlighted. Third, the workshop will cover new translational research that involves the incorporation of novel theories of cognitive decline in AD for use in technology driven interventions that follow ethnographic and person-centred approaches. As a result of participation in this workshop, the learner will achieve the following objectives: (1) have a contemporary understanding of the neuroanatomy of memory decline in AD, be able to (2) apply such a knowledge to appraise and design novel forms of culturally valid assessment, as well as (3) utilize it to discuss, plan, and use technology driven interventions within the context of interdisciplinary research.
Period20 Feb 2019
Event titleInternational Neuropsychological Society 47th Annual Meeting: Embracing the Biopsychosocial Melting Pot
Event typeConference
LocationNew York, United States, New York
Degree of RecognitionInternational