Minrui Fei

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Seminar Title: Networked Control Systems and Applications in Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial AutomationDate: Tuesday, 18 August 2015 Time: 13:00-14:00Venue: Conference Room JW707, James Weir Building, 75 Montrose Street, Glasgow G1 1XJAbstractThis seminar first introduces the research environment in Shanghai Key Laboratory of Power Station Automation Technology, School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, and Shanghai University, China. Then, theresearch background and challenges in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent robots and key automation technologies for intelligent manufacturing are briefly addressed. The seminar mainly focuses on the following three research topics: a) Theory and methods for networked intelligent control systems(NICSs), combination of data-driven and NICSs, and industrial sensor and control network technologies for NICSs; b) Machine vision based intelligent perception methods, visual multi-data fusion based NICSs, and real-world implementation technologies; c) Intelligent manufacturing-oriented key automation technologies and applications based on networked intelligent control, machine vision, sensor and control network, etc.BiographyDr. Minrui Fei is a full Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, Director of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Power Station Automation Technology, and Dean of the School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University, China.His research interest lies in the field of automatic control science & engineering. He has published over 300 peer-reviewed conference and journal papers. Prof Fei has made significant contributions to many research areas, such as networked control system & applications, fieldbus-based distributed control systems, key technology and applications in multi-fieldbus conversion and performance evaluation, virtual reality and digital simulation with applications in industry,etc. He has received 5 First or Second Prizes from China machinery Industry and Shanghai Science and Technology Progress for his achievements in the above areas. He also holds the ownership of 50 intellectual property rights, including 35 Invention Patents and 11 Software Copyrights.Prof Fei is actively involved in many professional organisations in China. He is Chairman of Life System Modeling and Simulation Sub-society, Vice President of the Chinese Association for System Simulation, Chairman of Embedded Instrument and System Sub-society, Vice-chairman of the Process Measuring & Control Instrument Sub-society, Deputy Director of the China Instrument & Control Society, Vice-chairman of the Intelligent Control and Intelligent Management Sub-society, Director of the Chinese Artificial Intelligence Association. He serves as an editorial board member for 4 international journals and 6 Chinese journals.
Period17 Aug 201522 Aug 2015
Visiting fromUniversity of Shanghai (China)