Data for PhD Thesis: "New Methods for the Production of Oral Dosage Forms"



The data herein relates to the thesis "New Methods for the Production of Oral Dosage Forms". The aim of this thesis was to improve the solubility of BCS Class II compounds in an innovative manner. The data here details the development of a process for production using the innovative technique of aerosol jet printing. All data is saved within folders corresponding to the relevant ELN numbers and then grouped under chapter title to enable the reader to find the relevant methodology. All the chapter folders feature a range of data as Origin, text, CAD, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Bitmap, Excel, Powerpoint and program specific files. The data was collected using liquid rheometry with the Thermoscientific software Haake Rheowin Data Manager (RWD files), HPLC with the Agilent software MassHunter Qualitative Analysis, x-ray diffraction with the Bruker software Diffrac. EVA (Diffrac Suite files), dissolution using the Sirius Analytical software SDI Data Analyser (VLC and D100 media files), printing using the Optomec Aerosol Jet 200 software KEWA (PRG files), Raman spectroscopy with the Horiba software LabSpec 6 (L6S files), differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetric analysis with the Netzsch software Proteous analysis (NSG-SS1 and EMF files), size exclusion chromatography with the OmniSEC software, scanning electron microscopy with the Keysight SEM software, TOF-SIMS using the software IONTOF, contact angle using the software Drop Shape Analyser (VLC and DPR files), Nano CT with the Bruker SkyScan software (XML files), microscopy using the Leica Software LAS, USP IV dissolution coupled with UV spectroscopy using the software packages IDIS and UVWin, Raman mapping using the mPAT software Meta Analyser (SCOPE and MPAT files) and laser triangulation using the LK-navigator software. With the exception of the image and program method files, all data was gathered using Excel and graphs were plotted using Origin, carrying out all statistical analysis in Origin. Access to the data is restricted until the end of the embargo period as it will form part of a patent which is currently pending.
Date made available11 Feb 2022
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production10 Oct 2014 - 21 Dec 2018

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