AFRC-CATP-05937 - High-strength Hybrid Hydroforming (HHH) of aluminium blanks

Project: Internally funded project

Project Details


A novel High-strength Hybrid Hydroforming (HHH) for aluminium tailor welded blanks (TWBs) has been developed through the CATP_1768 project. The AFRC forming team has been working closely with PAB Coventry Ltd, a leading supplier to UK heritage vehicle OEMs, to establish the technical feasibility and grow the AFRC’s capability in line with the NMIS Net Zero: Electrification SIP objectives of developing manufacturing processes for novel electrification applications, integrated design and manufacture and production volume ramp up.
Building on the completed feasibility studies, the project's main objective will be to continue working with industrial stakeholders to manufacture a demonstrator component and to identify and secure future opportunities to ramp up volume manufacture in the automotive sector, by combining a hydroforming process with high-strength aluminium blanks that are of sufficient quality, strength, and weight, for fitment to a vehicle which will help support the development of zero emission strategies for niche vehicle manufacturers.
The AFRC forming team will work in parallel with PAB and provide technical supports to PAB with their expertise in aluminium heat treatment, mechanical testing and modelling. Mechanical testing of the material will be used to study the material behaviour and to determine the most favourable temper condition for the forming trials. The testing data will be used to develop the material models. Collaborative design expertise will optimise the processing windows, while FE simulation will support selection of gauge and alloys to provide maximum weight-saving, with the technology able to be adopted across the vehicle.
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