AFRC_CORE_1138:Heat treatment, H2 pickup in Ti64 and FEA modelling

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This project is a continuation of work carried out within CORE 17/18 – 814 – Gas Furnace Characterisation. The objectives were:

Study of the thermal behaviour of a single instrumented part located on the furnace hearth in order to push our knowledge boundaries on DEFORM HT. We also planned to simulate part cooling/reheating between 2 steps of forging (useful preliminary experiment for Future forge). We aimed to trial the Land NIR borescope and study its impact on furnace atmosphere and gas consumption.

Continuation of the study from Core 814 on hydrogen pickup and oxidation of a titanium (Ti64) part with coating ATP40 in an electric furnace (compare scale formation in this type of furnace with a gas furnace atmosphere). We also wanted to look at the coating thickness effect and its influence on performance of the protection offered as well as the effects of gaps in the coating.

Collaborative work with Tier 1 member modelling representatives to apply the step by step procedure developed in Core 814 and to assist knowledge transfer.
Short titleAFRC_CORE_1138
Effective start/end date1/09/1830/09/19