AFRC_DIRF_1918_Method of manufacture and material assessment for the manufacturing of bike frames

Project: Knowledge Exchange

Project Details


Brompton Bicycle Limited (Brompton), (the customer), has approached the AFRC to consider the manufacturing method possibilities of a bike frame.
To support the above requirement, the AFRC proposes to complete a high-level review of the possible manufacturing process and UK supply chain options.
In this project, the AFRC will conduct a high-level literature review on the material suitable for the bike frame. A range of manufacturing process options will be generated and assessed against a set of ranked and agreed criteria (e.g., process capability, cost, lead time, technology readiness level, supply chain availability, etc.). An optimal manufacturing method based on the ranked assessment conducted will be down selected, and its technical challenges and risks identified. The AFRC also proposed two optional work packages, including material characterisation and FE simulation, based on the findings of the material and method of manufacture down-selection.

Key findings

Candidate materials for bicycle frames have been identified. Three forming processes have been assessed, and the optimal manufacturing route has been proposed.
Effective start/end date5/05/214/10/21