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    Reflecting on the data from the consultation I led upon taking up my role, I recognised that L&T staff needed opportunities to connect with others, share practice, be inspired, and feel valued and included as part of a wider collective. To address this, I introduced the University's annual L&T conference in 2015. It has become the focal point of the academic year for the University L&T community. Participation has increased, with 100 participants in 2015, to over 200 now – I have achieved this through promoting the event to senior leaders, committees, and individuals, incorporating participant feedback, and by being explicit about the opportunities the event affords participants. The event is a space for L&T staff to come together, learn, network and co-develop future directions as a university-wide L&T team. I ensure that the event provides opportunities for staff to impact and influence others (particularly aspiring Senior Fellows), and provides space and support for staff to present research-scholarship work through oral and poster presentations. I ensure we celebrate the achievements of the last year, including successful fellowship awards.

    Linking in with current university and sector challenges, I identify themes for the event together with internationally renowned (and sometimes provocative) speakers. These have included Kay Sambell, Donald Clarke, Belinda Tynan, and Doug Parkin. Speakers of this calibre bring credibility and impact. Following the keynote from Belinda Tynan, an institutional learning analytics committee was put in place, leading to a number of innovations in how data from our VLE is used to support students. Similarly, Doug Parkin’s keynote provided a common language for leaders of L&T to come together and inspired me to develop our successful Leadership in L&T Network.

    The event is opened by the University Principal, with all relevant executive officers supporting and attending the event. Evaluations speak to the successes achieved. However, more importantly for me, the success of the event is evidenced through the narrative which it generates and from the conversations and ongoing collaborations and networks that are generated. I see L&T given greater prominence on faculty agendas, and the staff tell me with great enthusiasm about their developing networks and the impact it is creating for them.

    This event has raised the aspirations of our L&T community.

    “Katy is the driving force behind our annual learning and teaching conference. The event is very well attended and achieves much more than a one-off conference … Her highly successful, bold and innovative approaches have ensured the legacy of each conference, ensuring that inspiration and aspiration is followed through to changes and enhancements in policy and practice”
    Brian Green, Deputy Associate Principal (Learning and Teaching)

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