Citizen-derived digital data for water resources management in Malawi

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The aim of the research is to explore the use of citizen-generated, technology-enabled data in support of evidence-based water governance in Malawi. This will be achieved through the following objectives:

1. Evaluate existing data collection and management methods used by the water governing bodies in Malawi to identify the key data gaps that restrict proactive management;
2. Identify suitable, context appropriate technologically innovative data management approaches which could be applied in Malawi, with particular attention to those which can harness low-resource citizen science approaches;
3. Develop and pilot a framework that utilizes a novel combination of technologically innovative and citizen-generated data collection techniques to effectively collect, interpret and, share data across stakeholders to enable real-time management of water resources; and
4. Assess the framework with stakeholders and end users to determine opportunities for scale up, and support for attainment of SDG6 in Malawi.

Hydro Nation Scholars Programme, Scottish Funding Council (SFC1150-108) (£107,476)
StatusNot started