Dynamic Load Grid Modelling

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Historically, DNOs have operated with extremely limited visibility of flows on LV networks without issue as electricity consumption was predictable and smooth. Now, with the advent of domestic solar PV, distributed wind generation and the gradual electrification of heat and transport, there is a great need to increase visibility of LV networks, and this is being achieved through increased sensing of LV networks. To support the operation of these networks, it is desirable to forecast their utilisation in the short-term, from hours to days ahead, but to date, due to the previous unavailability of data and lack of need, little research has been undertaken. This project will address this emerging need with an innovative combination of network and weather data, advanced forecasting methodology and visualisation. Understanding the needs of the key stakeholders, existing data flows are required prior to suggesting and developing any models. We will apply novel analytical and statistical modelling techniques on our analytical platform to tackle this challenge.


Project funded by ETP ~£20k
Effective start/end date4/09/1731/01/18