Flow Characterisation for Tidal Turbine Performance Normalisation

  • Payne, Gregory (Principal Investigator)

Project: Research

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As the first arrays of full scale tidal turbine are being deployed by developers, cost reduction in the sector through technological improvements is still required for the sector to be financially competitive in the long run. Experimental testing of scaled turbine models is a key design tool to support those technological improvements.
The overarching goal of this project was to maximise the number of beneficiaries from the access to the facility. Four academic institutions were therefore associated to the project, each bringing their expertise but also their specific requirements for experimental data. The turbine model used for these tests was the latest three-bladed horizontal axis turbine model developed by IFREMER. The objectives of the project were the followings:
• Investigate alternative onset flow characterisation
• Impact of rotor control on loads and near wake
• Validation of numerical model to predict turbine loads based on onset flow measurements
• Focused wave loading


This project was funded by the EU MaRINET2 Infrastructures Network
Effective start/end date21/01/191/02/19