Geothermally Sourced Combined Power and Freshwater Generation for Eastern Africa

  • Burnside, Neil (Co-investigator)
  • Lewi, Elias (Co-investigator)
  • Yu, Zhibin (Principal Investigator)

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Layman's description

The Combi-Gen project aims to develop a novel geothermally sourced-combined power and freshwater generation technology, which promises to initiate a genuinely innovative shift in the engineering response to the twin challenges of energy shortage and water-scarcity in Ethiopia and Kenya. The research will provide a novel technology that can significantly improve the utilisation of the precious geothermal resources in Ethiopia and Kenya, and can produce both power and freshwater simultaneous to address the long-standing twin challenge of water and energy shortage in both countries and others of this kind. Once the developed Combi-Gen system is widely installed, it will contribute to sustainable development through reliable renewable energy and freshwater generation, and a reduction in poverty through promoting economic development and employment growth.


EPSRC reference: EP/P028829/1
Short titleCombi-Gen
Effective start/end date1/05/1731/07/21