Investigation of process information required to create an autonomous forging system – AIMHI0

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The overall aim is to develop a holistic understanding of the requirements for autonomous forging process by investigate the following objectives;
Capability finding of current forging machine and other equipment used at AFRC, including sensing capability, forging process and machine capability;
Develop a small case study scenario to describe the forging tasks into 3 levels: goal, object and manufacturing equipment level. This can be used to explain to the interview panels what AIMHi can do for forging process;
Develop simple decision model to support best use of information acquired;
Investigate the causes of variations in the forged part by developing a overall strategy.
Develop an autonomous forging process and its support system;
Online Decision Making for Product Quality Control
Currently, the decision-making is made offline and the product quality is also normally inspected after the parts are finished. It means that the product quality is not controlled online as there is no in-process ability to make any decision to change or optimise the process parameters in real time. This task is to investigate how the process data could be exploited to make online decision for the product quality control of the hot forging process available in the AFRC.

Layman's description

This project will investigate essential ingredients for a autonomous system for forging process.

Key findings

A comprehensive technical report has been produced and it will be available on request.


This project is funded by AFRC ROUTE TO IMPACT FUNDING 15/16. AFRC is one of the 7 centres of High Value Manufacturing Catapult. Total funding value: £25,000
Short titleProcess information for an autonomous forging system
Effective start/end date1/10/1531/03/16


  • Autonomous system
  • Robot
  • Sensing
  • Decision making