KTA - Advanced Science and Technology Development

Project: Internally funded project

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A unique research and development environment supported by well trained staff and a series of connected and well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories will be created to exploit advanced science and technology for an end-user community that includes academics and industrialists. By building on the pioneering work of Strathclyde researchers and developing new cross-disciplinary collaborations, we will generate unique and high growth areas of research. A focus on application of ad-vanced technology and involvement of both end-users and developers of technology will promote proof of concept applica-tion and demonstrations of the technology while simultaneously developing new techniques. This close collaboration between developers and end-users will lead to future exploitation and commercialisation of technologies while providing an imperative role for basic research. A programme to increase the number of staff to critical mass, develop leadership in new areas of science and technology, creation of unique facilities and generation of specialised knowhow will lead to an increased capability and thus an income stream from research councils, EU programmes and industry. An industry liaison group will promote knowledge exchange. The increase in scale of activities and concomitant increase of profile will attract high quality graduates, postgraduates and staff to the University. The perceived increase in capabilities will make the research groups eligible for participating in large national and international projects and adopting a leadership role in these projects.
Effective start/end date1/08/1130/09/12


  • Advanced Science and Technology