Little Animation Studio: Digital Animation Education (awarded £24,970.24/ Creative Scotland)

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Little Animation Studio is a Creative Scotland-funded digital animation education project that supports children with differing needs through the whole production process of creating their first animated short film.

Key findings

Research in progress - the focus is on the wider conceptual questions around the definition of 'quality' in animation education and its link to questions about subjectness. The engagement with the actual and desired possibilities for the good life with others, in and with the world, Biesta (2018) suggests, is bound up in arts’ dialogical encounters with other (material, social) ways of being (ibid). How does such existential definition of 'quality' map onto our digital animation education project? What constitutes the quality of the encounters with the material and technology of animation and the people involved in the project? How can the relationship between the inherent fictional nature of animation - the children's invented storytelling and drawn images - and the process of formation (Bildung) in the 'real world' be thought and understood?
Short titleLittle Animation Studio
Effective start/end date14/10/1914/07/20