Low-Cost Distributed Multi-Parameter Sensing for Energy Networks (InnovateUK Catalyst)

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"Our concept of a distributed electrical and environmental sensor system to enable unprecedented flexibility and reduction
of cost in deploying innovative measurement, control and protection functions for the power network requires to be proven
in the context of relevant industry standards, with particular emphasis on current and voltage measurements.
Consequently, the core research idea of this proposal is to assess the feasibility of this undertaking through systematic
research and implementation of a range of innovative error compensation methods. In particular, the feasibility study will
aim to demonstrate that metering and protection accuracy classes for voltage and current transducers are attainable by this
In order to address the objectives of the project, the research programme will be subdivided into specific work packages.
The scope and methodologies adopted with respect to the individual tasks are described in the Case for Support
attachment under the following work packages:
WP1. Engagement with stakeholders (Month 1-12)
WP2. Design and simulation of transducers and experiments. (Month 1-7)
WP3. Assembly and packaging of electrical current and voltage transducers. (Month 4-7)
WP4. Characterisation and environmental/high-voltage stress testing of transducers (Month 7-12)
WP5. Development and testing of sensor interrogation hardware and software. (Month 1-12)"

Key findings

For the first time, the consortium carried out testing and pre-qualification of hybrid fibre Bragg grating (FBG) piezoelectric sensors configured to measure electric current to specific IEC standards for instrument current transformers, proving that the transducers are capable of meeting at least the 5P10 protection class. Furthermore, the consortium has initiated lifetime accelerated testing of the transducers, necessary for successful commercialisation of this technology.
Effective start/end date1/04/1531/03/16


  • EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council): £148,054.00