PNDC asset data collection investigation

  • Catterson, Victoria (Academic)

Project: Research

Project Details


The aim of this project is to initiate data collection and archival of asset data relating to equipment at the PNDC, in order to support current and future asset management projects. The project will: investigate the data currently relating to, and produced by, assets installed at PNDC; identify the value that can be extracted from those data; and decide which data should be archived, with a particular focus on circuit breakers (CBs).

The project will also investigate which other sensors and devices should be installed at PNDC to record data, e.g. a weather station, and also the different architectures and tools for collecting and recording the data. Furthermore, archiving systems used by PNDC members will also be examined during the project to gauge these system’s applicability to the PNDC asset data.
Effective start/end date1/07/141/01/15