QAA Enhancement Theme (Resilient Learning Communities) Year 1 Project

    Project: Internally funded project

    Project Details


    Celebrating innovation and Resilience at Strathclyde

    £1K QAA Enhancement Theme funding; £1K OSDU Match funding

    In recognition of the outstanding work that took place during the initial 18 months of the Covid-19 pandemic, Strathclyde's learning and teaching development team wished to gather and celebrate stories of the support our students received during the pandemic. These stories addressed what was learned, how practice has changed, and what new ways of working ought to be retained now and in the future.

    Drawing on funding from QAA Scotland and match-funding from OSDU, prizes of £500 were awarded by a panel of judges. The purpose of the awards is to support practitioners in Strathclyde's four faculties and professional services to develop their experiences into scholarship.

    This booklet contains all of the stories that were submitted through the open call and highlights the 5 winners and shortlisted case studies.

    It is hoped that, as a collection, these stories will become a valuable resource for further enhancing the student experience at Strathclyde, contributing to a culture of excellence and innovation that - as the stories themselves demonstrate - is already firmly established.
    Effective start/end date30/04/2129/11/21