QAA Enhancement Theme (Resilient Learning Communities) Year 2 Project

    Project: Internally funded project

    Project Details


    Enhancement Theme Funding Grant 2021/22 “Exploring the role of technical staff in learning and teaching teams and communities” KSavage, SMorrissey, £1K

    Learning communities are increasingly diverse and with that so must our teaching teams develop and diversify. Supporting learning and teaching can no longer be the domain of a single academic.

    This project focuses on exploring the role of technical staff in learning and teaching teams.

    We will work with a cohort of 10 – 15 technical staff in a ‘peer network’ to support them in reflecting on their role in learning and teaching and to submit applications for Associate Fellowship of the HEA, an international professional recognition of learning and teaching in HE. We will work with them to assess their confidence and competence as part of a teaching team before and after working in the network and achieving AFHEA.

    Intended outcomes include
    • An evaluation of how technical staff support learning and teaching and the extent to which peer network support and professional recognition of this role supports their confidence and competence.
    • a toolkit for supporting technical staff in obtaining AFHEA

    Effective start/end date4/04/223/04/23