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Project: Internally funded project

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The £31m investment in Strathclyde Sport is seeking to significantly improve the student experience, increase collaborative opportunities for Research and KE, support opportunities for increased international recruitment and provide facilities at a level which is appropriate for a leading international technological university in the 21st Century.
From the outset the unique aspect to this project has been the incorporation of sport and health, recognising the opportunity to enhance and raise the University’s profile in multi-disciplinary research activity with particular emphasis on disease prevention, physical activity promotion and wellbeing. Given global, national and local concerns regarding issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease this focus is timely. The University is well placed to promote this agenda with its current research activity and location within Glasgow with some areas having one of the worst health records in Europe. This project will form a substantial element of the University’s wider engagement with national drivers for health and wellbeing. It will be an environment that acts as a catalyst for public health engagement; not just a sport and health facility.

The project gives the opportunity for the Sport, Health and Wellbeing Facility to be a focus for the health-related teaching and research activities that the University currently undertakes and be a demonstration and “testing” area, recruiting volunteers for research projects. It opens up the possibility of the convergence of the elements of sport, academic related activities and the health and wellbeing agenda providing a unique opportunity to maximise knowledge exchange.

Layman's description

New £31m sports building on Cathedral Street comprising swimming pool, squash courts, sports halls, fitness suites, academic teaching rooms and café.
Short titleStrahclyde Sport
Effective start/end date30/10/1517/09/18