A Robust, Multiplexable Fibre Sensor For Simulataneous Measurement of Bend and Strain

P. Orr, P. Niewczas

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We report on the design and implementation of a novel optical fibre sensor for simultaneous measurement of bending and longitudinal strain. An all-fibre transducer is comprised of a fibre Bragg grating preceded by a short region of conventional fibre. Peak Bragg reflections experienced by orthogonal linearly polarised modes travelling within the sensor region shift identically with strain and temperature but oppositely with fibre bending. A novel switching interrogator allows isolation of the common mode strain signal to facilitate a robust measurement of both bend and strain while retaining the grating-based transducer's capability for serial multiplexing.
Original languageEnglish
JournalIEEE Sensors Journal
Publication statusPublished - 27 Sep 2010


  • Fiber gratings
  • Multiplexing
  • Optical fiber sensors
  • Optical fibers
  • Strain
  • Transducers
  • bend sensors
  • fibre Bragg gratings
  • multi-parameter sensors
  • optical fibre sensors

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