An embedded smart surveillance system for target tracking using a PTZ camera

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Video surveillance systems have become relatively cheap consumer products
employed in the most diverse scenarios. Digital IP cameras can deliver very
high quality images and can be directly connected to the Internet. As
digital circuits become smaller and faster, video surveillance sensors can
be equipped with general processors and DSPs. Smart video analytics
algorithms can thus be embedded in the surveillance sensors, for fast
at-camera processing. In this presentation an embedded smart surveillance
system for object and people tracking, using an IP PTZ camera, which can pan
and tilt to follow the target will be presented. The system is implemented
on the DM6437 Evaluation Module based on the TMS320DM6437 processor from
Texas Instruments. The PTZ camera is driven by our developed tracking
algorithm via HTTP-based commands, to keep the target always in the field of
view. The system runs in real-time at 25 frames per second, with a frame
resolution of 360×288 pixels.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2010
Event4th European DSP in Research and Education Conference (EDERC-2010) in Nice, France -
Duration: 31 Mar 2011 → …


Other4th European DSP in Research and Education Conference (EDERC-2010) in Nice, France
Period31/03/11 → …


  • embedded smart surveillance system
  • target tracking
  • PTZ

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