Complex energy simlulation using simplified user interaction mechanisms

Jeremy Cockroft, Sabeeta Ghauri, Aizaz Aamir Samuel, Paul Gerard Tuohy

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper

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Simulation of energy systems and associated thermodynamic domains is very powerful in delivering precise information at high resolution. Modelling software requires detailed information about the energy system. The specialised user usually has questions about specific aspects of the energy system and may not be interested in the complete set of outputs available from simulation results. Similarly the specialised user may only be concerned about a subset of the inputs provided to the software. This suggests an opportunity to develop an input / output scheme tailored for the specialised user. The power of simulation can be accessed through the use of simplified interfaces. Although these restrict flexibility in terms of model input / output data the specialised user is only interested in a subset of the capability of the underlying simulation tool. Robust results rely on a consistent underlying simulation context, this restricted interface ensures that only the parameters of interest to the users are modifiable and that other simulation parameters remain fixed ensuring a consistent and repeatable output. One such example of limited user interaction for both output and input is the ADEPT interface to whole building and plant dynamic modelling and simulation suite ESP­r (ESRU 2002). The interface was developed in the context of the UK domestic heating market. This paper describes the development of the ADEPT tool and associated spreadsheet templates in order to provide a readily usable platform for the study of domestic heating systems and controls for plant and control components manufacturers, regulatory authorities and research organisations.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 27 Jul 2009
EventBuilding Simulation 2009, 11th International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference - Glasgow, UK
Duration: 27 Jul 200930 Jul 2009


ConferenceBuilding Simulation 2009, 11th International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference
CityGlasgow, UK


  • energy simulation
  • simplified user interaction
  • buildings
  • complex energy
  • mechanisms

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