Conceptual design of a multi-mirror system for asteroid deflection

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This paper presents the conceptual design of multiple spacecraft system for the use of deflecting Near Earth Asteroids. Each spacecraft is equipped with a solar concentrator assembly, which focuses the solar light, and a beaming system that projects a beam of light onto the surface of the asteroid. When the beams from each spacecraft are superimposed, the temperature on the surface is enough to sublimate the rock, creatng a debris plume with enough force to slowly alter the orbit of Apophis. An overview of the dynamics, control and navigation strategies is presented along with simulated results of the deviation distance achieved for various mission configurations.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 5 Jul 2009
Event27th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science - Epochal Tsukuba, Japan
Duration: 5 Jul 200912 Jul 2009


Conference27th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science
CityEpochal Tsukuba


  • asteroid deflection
  • solar sublimination
  • formation flying

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