Drug delivery across the nasal mucosa

Michelle Armstrong, Shonagh Walker, Jenifer Mains, Clive Wilson

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Mucoadhesion defined as attachment of synthetic or natural materials to mucosal tissues has been widely exploited in pharmaceutical forms. This multi-author book provides an up-to-date account of current research on mucoadhesive materials and drug delivery systems. The introductory section describes the structure and physiology of various mucosal surfaces (oral, nasal, ocular, gastrointestinal and vaginal mucosa). This is followed by chapters on the various methods used to study mucoadhesion and to characterise mucoadhesive properties of various dosage forms. The final section will summarise information on traditional and novel types of mucoadhesive materials, such as chitosan, thiomers, and liposome-based formulations.

This book is unique as there is currently no modern book considering mucoadhesion - all other existing books on the topic are either narrowly focused or more than 10 years old. Furthermore, each contributor offers specialist perspectives from a variety of global locations in both industrial and academic research centres.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMucoadhesive Materials and Drug Delivery Systems
EditorsVitaliy Khutoryanskiy
Number of pages22
Publication statusPublished - May 2014


  • drug delivery
  • nasal mucosa
  • nasal cavity
  • nose to brain drug delivery

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