Hybrid organic/nitride microstructured light-emitting diodes

E. Gu, B.J.E. Guilhabert, D. Elfstrom, Z. Gong, H.X. Zhang, M.D. Dawson, A.R. Mackintosh, A. Kuhne, R.A. Pethrick, C. Belton, D.D.C. Bradley

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


Hybrid organic/nitride optoelectronic devices will take full advantage of the optical and electronic properties of both organic and nitride materials. The significant benefits of integrating organic optoelectronic materials such as light-emitting polymers (LEPs) with nitride light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been identified recently. However, due to their high chemical sensitivity, fabricating polymer microstructures and integrating them with nitride LEDs present a considerable technical challenge. In this work, several approaches for fabricating organic functional polymer microstructures on AlInGaNbased micro-structured LEDs have been developed, including self-aligned direct writing, ultraviolet laser writing and lithographic patterning. It is shown that the fabricated organic/nitride micro-structured LED devices have well defined microstructures and exhibit novel functionalities. Colour downconverted visible emission from these hybrid electroluminescent microstructured LEDs has been achieved. These hybrid LEDs offer a promising route to development of a range of low-cost and highly efficient micro-light sources.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 20 Sep 2007
Event7th International Conference of Nitride Semiconductors - Las Vegas, USA
Duration: 16 Sep 200721 Sep 2007


Conference7th International Conference of Nitride Semiconductors
CityLas Vegas, USA


  • organic/nitride LED
  • microstructured light-emitting diodes
  • LED
  • light emitting diode

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