Nanomedicines for the delivery of biologics

John Wahlich, Arpan Desai, Francesca Greco, Kathryn Hill, Arwyn T. Jones, Randy Mrsny, Gianfranco Pasut, Yvonne Perrie, F. Philipp Seib, Leonard W. Seymour, Ijeoma F. Uchegbu

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A special symposium of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Nanomedicines Focus Group reviewed the current status of the use of nanomedicines for the delivery of biologics drugs. This meeting was particularly timely with the recent approval of the first siRNA-containing product Onpattro™ (patisiran), which is formulated as a lipid nanoparticle for intravenous infusion, and the increasing interest in the use of nanomedicines for the oral delivery of biologics. The challenges in delivering such molecules were discussed with specific emphasis on the delivery both across and into cells. The latest developments in Molecular Envelope Technology® (Nanomerics Ltd), liposomal drug delivery (both from an academic and industrial perspective), opportunities offered by the endocytic pathway, delivery using geneticaly engineered viral vectors (PsiOxus Technologies), Transint™ technology (Applied Molecular Transport), which has the potential to deliver a wide range of macromolecules, and AstraZeneca’s initiatives in mRNA delivery were covered with a focus on their uses in difficult to treat diseases, including cancers. Preclinical data were presented for each of the technologies and where sufficiently advanced, plans for clinical studies as well as early clinical data. The meeting covered the work in progress in this exciting area and highlighted some key technologies to look out for in the future.
Original languageEnglish
Article number210
Number of pages14
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 3 May 2019


  • nanomedicines
  • drug delivery
  • siRNA
  • mRNA
  • DNA
  • proteins
  • lipid nanoparticles
  • liposomes
  • viral vectors
  • endocytosis

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