Natural and artificial hybrid biomaterials

H A Currie, Siddharth Patwardhan, Carole C. Perry, P Roach, N J Shirtcliffe

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This chapter contains sections on Building Blocks; Inorganic Building Blocks; Nucleation and Growth; Organic Building Blocks; Proteins and DNA; Carbohydrates; Lipids; Collagen; Biomineralization;Biomineral Types and Occurrence; Functions of Biominerals; Properties of Biominerals; Control Strategies in Biomineralization; The Role of the Organic Phase in Biomineralization; Mineral or Precursor – Organic Phase Interactions; Examples of Non-bonded Interactions in Bioinspired Silicification; Effect of Electrostatic Interactions; Effect of Hydrogen Bonding Interactions; Effect of the Hydrophobic Effect; Roles of the Organic Phase in Biomineralization; Bioinspired Hybrid Materials; Natural Hybrid Materials; Bone;Dentin; Nacre; Wood; Artificial Hybrid Biomaterials; Ancient materials; Structural Materials; Non-structural Materials; Construction of Artificial Hybrid Biomaterials; Organic Templates to Dictate Shape and Form; Integrated Nanoparticle–Biomolecule Hybrid Systems; Routes to Bio-nano Hybrid Systems; Responses; Biological Performance; Protein adsorption; Cell Adhesion; Evaluation of Biomaterials

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationHybrid materials
Subtitle of host publicationsynthesis, characterization and applications
EditorsG Kickelbick
Place of PublicationWeinheim
Number of pages44
Publication statusPublished - 18 Dec 2006


  • natural hybrid materials;artificial hybrid biomaterials;biological performance;protein adsorption;cell adhesion;evaluation of biomaterials
  • hybrid materials
  • natural hybrid biomaterials
  • ;artificial hybrid biomaterials
  • ;inorganic building blocks
  • organic building blocks
  • biomineralization

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