Shaping of the trapping volume in optical tweezers using cylindrical vector beams

Susan E. Skelton, Marios Sergides, Rosalba Saija, Maria Antonia Iatì, Onofrio M. Maragó, Philip H. Jones

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution book


Cylindrical vector beams (CVBs) are the class of laser beams that arise from the solution to the vector Helmholtz equation with cylindrical boundary conditions [1]. In contrast to the paraxial solutions, CVBs possess azimuthal symmetry in their amplitude distribution and a spatially inhomogeneous polarization direction. For the lowest azimuthal order modes, the electric-field vector makes a constant angle, ϕ0, with the beam radius, with the cases ϕ0=0° and ϕ0=90° corresponding to states of radial and azimuthal polarization, respectively.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationJSAP-OSA Joint Symposia, JSAP 2013
Place of PublicationWashington, D.C.
PublisherOptical Society of America
ISBN (Print)9784863483699
Publication statusPublished - 16 Sep 2013
EventJSAP-OSA Joint Symposia, JSAP 2013 - Kyoto, Japan
Duration: 16 Sep 201320 Sep 2013

Publication series

NameOptics InfoBase Conference Papers
ISSN (Electronic)2162-2701


ConferenceJSAP-OSA Joint Symposia, JSAP 2013


  • optical tweezers
  • cylindrical vector beams
  • boundary conditions

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