Supporting transient stability in future highly distributed power systems

Abdullah Emhemed, Ryan Tumilty, Graeme Burt

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Incorporating a substantial volume of microgeneration (consumer-led rather than centrally planed) within a system that is not designed for such a paradigm could lead to conflicts in the operating strategies of the new and existing centralised generation technologies. So it becomes vital for such substantial amounts of microgeneration among other decentralised resources to be controlled in the way that the aggregated response will support the wider system. In addition, the characteristic behaviour of such populations requires to be understood under different system conditions to ascertain measures of risk and resilience. Therefore, this paper provides two main contributions: firstly, conceptual control for a system incorporating a high penetration of microgeneration and dynamic load, termed a Highly Distributed Power System (HDPS), is proposed. Secondly, a technical solution that can support enhanced transient stability in such a system is evaluated and demonstrated.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 21 Jun 2010
EventProtection, Automation & Control World (PACWorld) Conference 2010 - Dublin, Ireland
Duration: 21 Jun 201024 Jun 2010


ConferenceProtection, Automation & Control World (PACWorld) Conference 2010


  • microgeneration
  • transient stability
  • Flexible control
  • highly distributed power systems

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