The end of the formal programming period for 2000-2006. Review of programme developments: Summer-Autumn2006

S. Davies, T. Gross, IQ-Net (Funder)

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Although the 2000-06 programming period is drawing to a close, significant work still remains for the authorities responsible for ensuring that funds are fully spent and that programme closure activities are completed successfully. The main concern for many partners in relation to the 2000-06 programmes is financial absorption, but some have also introduced new strategic changes in recent months, or have faced new operational challenges. A range of tasks is also being undertaken in relation to programme closure. Data at the level of the EU-25 show satisfactory levels of financial absorption across Member States. The highest rates of absorption are seen in Austria and Ireland, and the lowest levels in the new Member States, whose programmes did not start until July 2004. Spending levels in the new Member States have increased strongly in the past year, particularly in Malta, Hungary and Poland. In the case of the EU-15, Greece, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have the lowest absorption rates.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages29
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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