Acogimiento residencial terapéutico para niños y adolescentes: una declaración de consenso del grupo de trabajo Internacional Sobre Acogimiento Residencial Terapéutico

Translated title of the contribution: Therapeutic residential care for children and youth: a consensus statement of the International Work Group on Therapeutic Residential Care

James K. Whittaker, Lisa Holmes, Jorge F. del Valle, Frank Ainsworth, Tore Andreassen, James Anglin, Christopher Bellonci, David Berridge, Amaia Bravo, Cinzia Canali, Mark Courtney, Laurah Currey, Daniel Daly, Robbie Gilligan, Hans Grietens, Annemiek Harder, Martha Holden, Sigrid James, Andrew Kendrick, Erik KnorthMette Lausten, John Lyons, Eduardo Martin, Samantha McDermid, Patricia McNamara, Laura Palareti, Susan Ramsey, Kari Sisson, Richard Small, June Thoburn, Ronald Thompson, Anat Zeira

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    In many developed countries around the world residential care interventions for children and adolescents have come under increasing scrutiny. Against this background an international summit was organised in England (spring 2016) with experts from 13 countries to reflect on therapeutic residential care (TRC). The following working definition of TRC was leading: "Therapeutic residential care involves the planful use of a purposefully constructed, multi-dimensional living environment designed to enhance or provide treatment, education, socialization, support, and protection to children and youth with identified mental health or behavioral needs in partnership with their families and in collaboration with a full spectrum of community based formal and informal helping resources". The meeting was characterised by exchange of information and evidence, and by preparing an international research agenda. In addition, the outlines of a consensus statement on TRC were discussed. This statement, originally published in English and now reproduced in a Spanish translation, comprises inter alia five basic principles of care that according to the Work Group on Therapeutic Residental Care should be guiding for residential youth care provided at any time.

    Translated title of the contributionTherapeutic residential care for children and youth: a consensus statement of the International Work Group on Therapeutic Residential Care
    Original languageSpanish
    Pages (from-to)289-298
    Number of pages10
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - 2017


    • child welfare
    • residential child care
    • therapeutic residential care

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