Open innovation adoption from strategy to practice, implications from organizational ambidexterity and dynamic capabilities

  • Lu Huang

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Innovation has long been considered critical to firm success. As one major topic of innovation, open innovation attracts increasing scholarly attention by offering a practical paradigm to organize open ways of innovation. Open innovation accommodates diverse collaborative innovation processes accompanying knowledge exchange at multiple levels within and outside the organization. However, excessive attention on the knowledge exchange aspect of open innovation eclipses the opportunity to investigate organization-level strategic deployment of open innovation. The aim of research is set to explore 'How to adopt open innovation from strategy to practice?' Drawing on concepts of organizational ambidexterity and dynamic capabilities, strategic and structured adoption of open innovation is shown to follow the logic from strategy to practice: organizational ambidexterity as strategy, open innovation as practices and dynamic capabilities as the bridge in between. To investigate how the logic works, this research conceives the organization as an organism and systematically applies qualitative business research strategy.Abductive reasoning is adopted to facilitate interation between theory and data. Finding and discussion provide empirical evidences to elaborate the logic of open innovation adoption from strategy to practice: 1) strategy and practice, 2) capability and process and 3) from strategy to process through capability. Organizational evolution is additionally discussed. This research boasts triple-fold contributions. Theoretically, the original integration of the three concepts addresses the gap of organization-level strategic adoption of open innovation. Methodologically, the adoption of the metaphor of organism offers insightful understanding of organizational reality. Practically, the open innovation adoption framework offers a viable guidance to manage structured adoption of open innovation in the real-world context.
Date of Award23 Aug 2019
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University Of Strathclyde
SponsorsUniversity of Strathclyde
SupervisorBeverly Wagner (Supervisor) & Anne Marie Doherty (Supervisor)

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