• Ross Iain Flannagan

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Inspired by other post-apocalyptic science-fiction stories, Pantheon explores the world two decades after a nuclear war reduces the planet to a toxic, irradiated wasteland. The victors have declared themselves a new independent state, and live a peaceful, secluded existence within the vast and opulent city of Olympia, while the remnants of mankind slowly starve. To appease the survivors on the outside, the Pantheon is created - a city-sized cube-shaped structure designed as the ultimate test of physical and mental fortitude and operated by a supremely advanced artificial intelligence. Any victorious applicant is rewarded with a new life inside Olympia.The story follows Dominic Harper, a resident within the colossal slum-land known as Oldtown that has grown in the shadow of Olympia as thousands of refugees have flocked to the coast, seeking shelter from the radiation. Dominic is a highly skilled hacker and infiltration expert, with a near-superhuman level of intelligence for which no one understands the source. Despite his selfish and arrogant nature, Dominic's incredible abilities have led to his promotion as leader of the runners, a resistance group who conduct nightly missions into Olympia to recover useful supplies.During one mission Dominic discovers evidence of a genetically enhanced virus designed to eradicate the residents of Oldtown and remove any future threat from the outsiders. Before he can locate and destroy the virus, Dominic is captured by revolutionary elements within Olympia's hierarchy and blackmailed into infiltrating and destroying the Pantheon, its true purpose revealed as a massive surveillance device used by Olympia to identify potential threats. This forces Dominic on a path to confront his demons and reignites the war between Olympia and the outside world. The thesis concludes with a critical analysis of the film, exploring the various sources of inspiration and the numerous challenges faced throughout the creative process.
Date of Award16 Nov 2016
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University Of Strathclyde
SupervisorBeatrice Colin (Supervisor) & David Kinloch (Supervisor)

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