Rethinking brand management, a cultural perspective on brand iconicity and identity politics

  • Ronnie Das

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Although the idea of branding has seen multidisciplinary advancement within the late industrial economy (Bastos and Levy 2012; Aaker 1991; DeChernatony and Riley 1997; Kapferer 1992; Levy 1959), historic accounts of management literature suggest that the leading success stories of branding were predominantly understood and recorded as measures of economic and core management practice (Bastos and Levy 2012; Keller 2003; 1993; Kotler et al. 2002; DeChernatony and McDonald 2003; Davis 2000; Gordon 2002; Woodward 1996). Over the past four decades research in brand management has repeatedly advocated the importance of management and economic based 'value innovation' models, receiving wider popularity amongst managers, entrepreneurs and academics by capturing their imagination through innovation and technology led 'Blue Oceans' (see Kim & Mauborgne 2005). Amongst these dominant managerial and academic thoughts an insight that is often missing is how society and culture contribute towards the creation of extraordinary brand value, i.e., consumer's active negotiation of meaning and the contextual effect of history, culture, and politics on brand management practice (Holt 2004; Holt and Cameron 2010; Cayla and Arnould 2008; Thompson and Arsel 2004; Kravets and Örge 2010; McCracken, 2009). The point of departure for this study was built upon Holt's (2004) seminal cultural branding model. Building on data collected using multi-method qualitative data, analysis reveals what I like to present as a tale of two campaigns stemming out of the lifecycle of an iconic two-wheeler brand. The originality and value of the study is far reaching as it not only challenges the existing disciplinary dogma within brand management but it also solidifies an extra ordinary strategic solution for brand managers to thrive in today's competitive marketplace.
Date of Award3 Oct 2016
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University Of Strathclyde
SupervisorPaul Hewer (Supervisor) & Kathy Hamilton (Supervisor)

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